ChidoTours began in 2016 as a brilliant idea by founders, a mixed couple Mexican-Dutch. We were making Tours in our own countries for each other and some friends living abroad showed us their places as a local too. We consider people around the world would like sharing and showing their cities with other people, in this easy way people become a guide as a hobby! We have launched our site and started connecting people in April 2017.

How does it work?
Almost everybody travels and wants to see the best of a city in a short time. Of course, tourists want to see the most they can, however, what makes this more special for guides and tourists is to show and enjoy the city like a local. Using our network of local people in the most beautiful cities around the Netherlands, you will have a great time and unique moments that you will always remember. The guides work under donation based and that’s why our guides will give the best of them every day for you! You don´t must prepay (except the booking) for a service that you don´t know how it is, you’ll get an awesome Tour.

If you are happy, feel free to tip the guide!

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