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Special bars & restaurants in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam: Special bars & restaurants

Hi people!

Thank you for clicking on my tour in Rotterdam. If you choose this tour we will be starting our journey at the ‘Markthal’. We will go inside and I will guide you through it and show you some fine places to grab lunch or dinner at night.

The second place I want to show you is what we call ‘Oude Haven’ which means Old Harbor in English. It’s a well hidden place where you can drink and eat with an view on old boats and the white house. One of the few buildings that wasn’t destroyed during the bombing back in WW II.

After this, we will be walking towards another nice place to grab lunch which is the ‘Vessel 11’. This is an old English lighthouse boat which they rebuild into a restaurant.

Last, but not least we will go to the ‘Witte de Withstraat’. This is a street full with bars and restaurants. Lots of students are going out here, but there are also nice quiet places to drink something or eat something like fingerfood and more!

You will be very hungry at the end of my tour, but I will make sure you do know the best places to solve that problem!


Remember the guides work under donations. Only we ask €5 booking costs per person. Feel free to tip the guide after the tour!


  • ChidoTours

    Rating: 4 / 5

    Michael, glad to have you aboard. ? Enjoy your free tours in Rotterdam.


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