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Groningen: A Troubled History

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Groningen: A Troubled History

Groningen has many names: Grins (Frisian), Groningue (French), Groningen (Dutch and German), Cruoninga (Latin) and Grunnen (Local dialect). Take some time to visit one of the most culturally diverse cities of The Netherlands

My old, beautiful and magnificent hometown has had a troubled history. Frisian rebels, Spanish conquistadors, and German soldiers have all ravished this town in the past. Although the city is culturally Dutch, these historical events have all left their marks on various hotspots throughout the city. This tour will provide you with all the information you need in order to impress the locals and convince your friends to visit my beloved Groningen. We will visit the middle-aged guesthouses where once the Spanish nobility lived. We will visit monuments dedicated to old Frisian gods and we will visit the architectural masterpiece in the middle of the city “The Martinitoren”. This church tower stands at an impressive 92 meters and has been built in the 16th century. You will even be able to see two cannon shots that were fired during the Battle of Groningen by the German Army when American and Canadian forces tried to liberate the city.

Throughout the tour, there will be a break in which you are able to visit a local restaurant or café. Also, I have made sure that we are always within 5 minutes of a public restroom.

About your Local Guide

My name is Vince Huisman, 23, and working at the Groningen Tourist Center. In my spare time, I like to travel and hear great stories about the history of forgotten cities. After graduating from the University of Groningen in Tourism & Management, I spend 10 months visiting some of Europe’s most unique cities. Cities like Leuven (Belgium), Derry (Northern Ireland) and Tirol (Italy). I met such amazing and wonderful people who wanted to share the history of their city with me. After working for local tourist agencies I decided to return to my hometown and show the beautiful complexed history of Groningen to everybody who wants to see and hear it.

Join me for a FreeTour

Are you interested in learning more about Groningen its history and hotspots? I will be honored to show you around the city, as the locals like to call it “The Pride of the North”.

I will be standing in front of the Tourist Information Center (VVV) in the city center of Groningen just opposing the Martini Tower with a sign that says “ChidoTours”.

  • Price €5 per booking
  • Country / Location Netherlands/ Groningen
  • Hotspots Martini Tower, Guest Houses, City Hall, Jewish Quarter, University Building
  • Languages English, Dutch, German
  • Duration 1:30 hour


Remember the guides work under donations. Only we ask €5 booking costs. Feel free to tip the guide after the tour!


  • Lili – 2018/08/06

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Vince gave an amazing tour, which was both informative and fun! He took a lot of extra time to show us the things we were interested in and encouraged us to ask questions and stay curious. I had a great day and it was a really helpful start for my time here! Thanks so much for that!

  • Johannes Heiss – 2018/07/16

    Rating: 5 / 5

    schöne individuelle Tour,


    mehr allgemeine Infos über Groningen wäre schön gewesem

  • ChidoTours

    Rating: 4 / 5

    Vince, glad to have you aboard. 🙂 Enjoy your free tours in Groningen.


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