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Amsterdam: City of Canals and its futurist view

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Amsterdam: City of Canals and its futurist view

How the city started at the river de Amstel near the IJ, part of “de Zuiderzee” (South Sea) and how through the centuries with canals and large houses the Amstel slightly became a little part of the rich city. Finally, in the last years and in the future years Amsterdam tries to move the beauty, the attraction of the city to the north side to the other side of the IJ. It’s not that the city is moving, but the city is getting bigger. The city begins many centuries ago, Amsterdam is older than more than half of the cities in the world. Every century the city expand with a new layer of Suburbs, but this century the city is not expanding, but renovating in the inside of the city by the IJ, with houses, parks, city offices and space for tourism! With harbors changing into a neighborhood and new build bike bridges.

As result of the development the IJ gets a function of a big city river, like you see in Paris with the river the Seine, in London with the Themes, and in Rome with the Tiber, while the city is globally famous and loved with their tiny and huge amount of canals and beautiful small rich 17-century houses.

We start a the center of the old beautiful city, by the side of the old used river The Amstel at a beautiful spot. We going to the center of the city while we walking beside the Amstel and we will see what changes are made at the riverside and in the river it selfs through the years. And of course, we will talk about the golden age for The Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular, what it was in how it the city has changed or even shaped. We will go to the beautiful Central Train Station and talk about other times with a different situation for the city. And then we will we do something differently: we leave the canal city and we will go the IJ, we will see the future of the new to create river as part of the fantastic city! We will make a little walk by the IJ and then by one of the new eye catchers at the river for Amsterdam we will stop.

About me:

My name is Huub Huijbens, I am 20-years old. And I’m fascinated about Amsterdam. I don’t live in the city but approximantly 20 km away from Amsterdam, but in the same province. Wich give my an unique view and vison on the city. I would like you to get interested in the structure and development and I would like you to agree with me about how beautiful the city is.


Remember the guides work under donations. Only we ask €5 booking costs. Feel free to tip the guide after the tour!


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    Huub, glad to have you aboard. 🙂 Enjoy your free tours in Amsterdam.


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