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Utrecht is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands and definitively a cool place to stay in. This colorful city was built in the Roman time, and during the Middle Ages, it transformed into an important economic center. Today it is the place of rich history, vibrant present, and promising future. Its architecture and culture make it perfect for exploring and its crazy nightlife will make you want to stay there forever.
The easiest way to reach Utrecht is taking a train, from Amsterdam Centraal to Utrecht Centraal by the NS Railway Company from the Netherlands, it will cost you around 8 euros one way. You can also take a bus but the trip will last a bit longer, pick always the high-speed train.
Among hundreds of attractions in Utrecht, these five are on the absolutely must-see list for any traveler.
All of these attractions can be easily visited if you book a Tour with a Local Guide with us!

Dom Tower – Enables You To See Almost The Whole Country

The unprecedented Dom Tower is Utrecht’s major attraction and its biggest symbol. It is 112 meters high thus being the tallest church tower in the entire country. It is separated from the magnificent gothic Dom Church by an equally amazing Dom Square. All of them together shape up the historic center of Utrecht.
You can climb almost on top of the Tower which will provide you with a breathless view on the entire city, and that is not all because if you are lucky enough to visit the Tower during the clear days you will even be able to see both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
That is why a visit to Utrecht without the Dom Tower is absolutely impossible. Therefore, be sure not to miss it either.

Canals – A Great Contribution To The Beauty Of The City

Utrecht is among the most beautiful cities in the entire Netherlands thanks to its extraordinary and unique system of canals, wharves, and cellars. The canals have been built centuries ago and the city of Utrecht was an important merchant place with numerous traders and stalks all around.
Today, tourists are able to book a tour through the canals and see many of the restaurants and shops that are made in place of the cellars. Don’t miss your chance to get familiar with the story of canals in Utrecht because it will be an unforgettable experience.

Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht – Phenomenal Place For Unforgettable Adventure

This museum is something you would probably not expect to see in the middle of the Netherlands. Although Aborigines have never lived in Utrecht, this multicultural city opened its gates to them with an aim to promote their magnificent art and way of living. People from entire Europe rush here to learn more about Australian ancient culture and that is why the Aboriginal Art Museum has become one of Utrecht’s major tourist destinations.
You can get some nice souvenirs here too or have a cup of coffee in the museum’s coffee shop while listening to Aboriginal music. Nevertheless, coming here will be a unique experience you should not miss, especially since the Museum is located just next to the legendary Dom Tower.

Paushuize – Great Historic Stories In The Centre Of Utrecht

The second oldest building in Utrecht is Paushuize – the papal house, built in commencing of Pope Adrianus VI. He was the only Dutch pope, elected in the 16th century. Adrianus VI built the house himself before he was elected pope and he hoped to live there one day. Unfortunately, he died in 1523 in Rome and thus never got the chance to stay in the wonderful building with an exquisite interior.
Today, you can even hire some parts of the house for organizing various events.

Castle De Haar – Unimaginable Perfection And Grace

The biggest castle in the country, Castle De Haar, is one of the most visited places every year, and tourists who visit Utrecht inevitably choose it as their ‘must-destination’. Once you step into the area of the castle, you will witness the fairy-tale beauty and extraordinary architecture. De Haar castle has beautiful gardens, grass surfaces, unimaginably colorful flowers. Tourists will be rewarded with excellent historic stories about Dutch luxury and a great way of life.
Ask us about how to get there, as it is 40 minutes from the center of Utrecht.
Plan your journey on the Dutch public transport website.
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