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Believe or not, the Netherlands has gorgeous beaches where to spend the warm days but also many activities to do when the cold comes down.


In the province of North Holland, on the municipality of Bloemendaal we can find one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, although the city is formed by several towns: Bennebroek, Aerdenhout, Overveen, Vogelenzang, Bloemendaal, and Bloemendaal aan Zee, in this area, we can note that the beaches are truly beautiful, and added to them the advantage that they have many nightclubs operating nearby, and some of them on the coast.

These places are frequented by young people, who choose the Dutch coasts due to the lively and youthful spirit that characterize them, although families with children have also started to visit these beaches, everybody finds their own fun, it makes a peaceful destination.


If what you like the wind, sand dunes and sea, Petten and its surroundings are ideal for you, this landscape of polders offer the space and peace necessary to relax, the sand dunes that presumed to protect Petten from the sea, they were destroyed in a storm, and since then they have been replaced by a dam, the well-known and popular Hondsbosche Zeewering.
To the south of the Hondsbosche Zeewering, near Schoorl, we can find the largest and highest dunes in the country, like the town of Petten, it offers us the best beaches in the Netherlands, take a dip in crystalline water and enjoy white sand which makes that you feel is a true paradise.

Egmond aan Zee.

Egmond aan Zee is one of the centers of the municipality of Egmond, which also includes Egmond Binnen and Egmond aan de Hoef, in which the spa represents an initial destination for a family holiday, with a wide range of accommodation, revealing that the history of Egmond and its surroundings is rich in events.
Thanks to its strategic location by the sea, the Egmond promenade was selected as one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, as it offers a magnificent view of the sea from which you will have the opportunity to enjoy from your hotel, perhaps you can even admire it from its window is its monumental Van Speyk lighthouse, and its small emblematic fishermen’s houses in the Egmond region.

Den Helder

Den Helder is home to a wide variety of natural riches, ranging from the sea to the dunes, from the forests to the polders and plains, so that most of these places benefit from an ecological administration, resulting in, that Den Helder is now one of the best beaches in the Netherlands to be surrounded by unique natural reserves, among which the Dunes Grafelijkheid around Kijkduin, De Nollen, and the Balgzand polder stand out, where nature lovers will definitely find their happiness.


Zandvoort is known for its beautiful beaches and the famous circuit Circuitpark Zandvoort, housing the best beaches in the Netherlands, favorite destination of sun lovers and families.
Zandvoort is also very popular among motorsports enthusiasts, because the aforementioned Circuitpark Zandvoort, is located in the dunes, and has fast and narrow turns, where you can even test your driving skills in the circuit.


Kijkduin is the wonderful and quiet beach of The Hague, where even with children, you can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach.
If the weather is not sunny or if you just want to do the exercise, Kijkduin is also ideal for walking and cycling, because there are beautiful trails through the dunes of The Hague, but also along the pleasant boulevard, although while there, stop on a terrace overlooking the sea, to witness a landscape worthy of a postcard.


Katwijk is located on the coast, and it is an absolute pleasure to walk along its promenade, so you should not forget to visit the dean of the Dutch coast lighthouses and its small white chapel, which is leaning against a small full courtyard of old fishermen’s houses, that testify the importance of the town in the past.
Similarly, when making the trip through the beach shore, you will see why it is considered one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, to be amazed by the landscape that offers the whitish and fine sand, next to the calm waters of greenish tones, contrasting with the blue of the sky


Whether you have sun or not, there are a number of outstanding attributes in Scheveningen that are always worthwhile, including the Scheveningen pier, which offers a beautiful view of the sea, the beach, the promenade, and the stunning Kurhaus.
You will also have the opportunity to discover the underwater world of Scheveningen, as it is surrounded by crystal clear waters, giving you the possibility of observing the local underwater fauna, making it one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, although last but not least. Not least, Scheveningen has great waves and is the best place to surf in the country.
Furthermore, Scheveningen is undoubtedly the most popular coastal resort on the Dutch coasts, because the beach is ideal for sun and water sports enthusiasts, although it also offers a lot of entertainment, such as cinema, theater, casino, museums, bowling, commercial boulevard, surf schools, sporting events, and many restaurants, cabins, beach clubs, and beach parties.


Renesse has received several international awards for the cleanliness of its beaches and for the warmth of its waters, affirming that the bath on its banks is of excellent quality, another reason why the white and clean beaches of Renesse are so popular is its diversity, for what they are called as one of the best beaches in the Netherlands.
Renowned beaches for nature lovers, nudists, families, and sportsmen who can surf and water ski, Renesse offering clearly, beaches for all tastes.


This is a little different from the other Dutch beaches, Terschelling is actually an island, where the water and the beach are very clean, with a length of 30 kilometers available, we are sure you will find a special place for you to relax.
The atmosphere on the island is great, ensuring that each and every one of its visitors is extremely relaxed, so they consider it one of the best beaches in the Netherlands.
It is worth mentioning that the island is also very popular among young people from 15 to 18 years old, since when you are not old enough to go abroad with your friends, Terschelling is a good alternative, offering great evenings, beautiful beaches and a good offer of bars and restaurants.


If you are an enthusiast of kitesurfing, we recommend Schiermonnikoog, which is called one of the best beaches in the Netherlands for kitesurfing, it is mainly an island for people who plan a sporting weekend, on its banks there is always a lot of wind, but the beaches are clean and you can see your visitors doing sport from all over, in addition to this beach is named as one of the cleanest in Europe.


If you want to spend your holidays in the Netherlands and is a little further south, Cadzand is a good idea, this 11-kilometer sandy beach is part of the sea coast, which at low tide, allows you to easily walk along the beach along the Zwin Nature Reserve to the exclusive Knokke complex in Belgium.
Cadzand is part of Zwinegio, being one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, it is the region with the highest density of Michelin stars, so after the beach, you can enjoy a lovely meal.

Wassenaarseslag Beach

It is a majestic and beautiful beach of whitish and clean sand, on its shores you will find beach bars, some restaurants, a small shack of drinks and chips, hamburgers and take-away food, for which visitors mention that it is one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, for the number of gastronomic services offered.
The beach can get a bit windy in some places, but there are windbreaks available along the route, just as the sand is lovely and sweet for older children who love to swim in the sea, the puddles formed by the tide are excellent for younger children, which may impress you a lot is the number of lifeguard patrols on duty, even if it’s not high season.

Hoek van Holland Beach

This beach is located on the shores of the North Sea, giving access to the city of Hoek van Holland Strand who is only 30 minutes by train from the town of Rotterdam, so the beach is about 2 km from the train station , characterized for being a beautiful and wide beach, surrounded by some houses of leisure maintained well in its adjacencies, although it is included in the list of the best beaches of the Netherlands, we can observe that its popularity makes that it is crammed with tourists.

Strand Rockanje

The wonderful beach of Strand Rockanje is considered one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, due to the wide extension of its shores, being popular among beginners of kite surfing, given its good exposure and the calm of its waters.
Until the May season, dogs can also run freely along the coast, because it is one of the few beaches in the country that allows free access for pets, probably because the communal services are cleaned regularly.

Strand West

Strand West is the most popular beach in Amsterdam among students and one of the best beaches in Holland, with its more than 20 kilometers of beach and panoramic views over the waters of the IJ river, its location offers a fantastic and relaxed atmosphere.
You should not hesitate to laze in one of the many poufs or hammocks arranged along its banks, play a game of beach volleyball or enjoy some delicious cocktails at the bar, where there is always a DJ playing music, so you can dance while the sun goes down.

Strand IJburg

Strand IJburg, with its usual somewhat hippy atmosphere, is the alternative beach of the town of Amsterdam, where young groups feel at home, the Blijburg snack bar serves food and drink, and also puts music to relax visitors.
In the afternoons, they usually light a bonfire, near Strand IJburg, where water sports enthusiasts can relax by making one of the best beaches in the Netherlands, to get in touch with nature, having one of the great advantages, different from Strand Zuid and Strand West, this one you can swim.

Now you don’t have any excuse to go to the beach and relax!