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Having Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! 

Rotterdam is a destination full of restaurants, there are more than a thousand restaurants in which there will also be a great variety in the type of cuisine.

Of course, it is advisable to know that Dutch people don’t use to take breakfast, most of them use to wait until the Lunchtime, for the lunch which is around 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm they usually take something fast, as a bread with butter, cheese, ham, salmon, and everything imaginable over it, but that doesn’t mean that you cant take breakfast. 

There are many options for Breakfast and Lunch in the city, our recommendation is Op het Dak. 

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, they don’t only offer tasty and creative food, but also the location is perfect, located on the middle of the cosmopolitan city life this restaurant is the biggest harvestable roof of Europe. The plates found on their menu are served from their own garden, from farmers or food markers from the region. 

It’s dinner time! 

When Dutch people forget to count the calories then is dinner time. Dutch families dinner is taking normally at 18:00 pm. In the restaurants, the kitchen closes around 21:00 pm,

If you are not hungry yet, you can get involved in “after work” atmosphere, Dutch people enjoy going to drink a beer after work. Gezellig! 

Our recommendation is going to Witte de Withstraat, here are a variety of snack bars, fast food and boutiques, all in one street. The coolest street for Rotterdam.

The Witte Aap is our first bar on the list, bar calls itself ” the beating heart of Witte de Withstraat” and we can agree with this name. Nice snack bar, open every day until late at night. 

Diversity of food

Rotterdam has many restaurants and many of the cuisines on offer reflect the extremely diverse ethnic composition of this city, including the very bizarre Bazar Restaurant, a three-story Turkish restaurant, The best Mexican food is served at KUA Taco Bar, remember to order a frozen Margarita! For something 100% native board aboard the Pannenkoekenboot, which combines a ride on the river with unlimited Dutch pancakes.

Snacks and To go

The areas in which the range of choice is extended are located in Westersingel and Mauritsweg. And if you are looking for cheap eateries to get a snack or to go, the area you will visit is Lijnbaan, where you will find many oriental fast food restaurants, among other specialties. In the Westkruiskade area, you can enjoy Thai specialties and other oriental delicacies.

Markthal – a Food Paradise!

Markthal opened its doors on October 1, 2014.
A market with an original design, in addition to your daily groceries, you can not do everyday groceries in Markthal however with 96 unique shops and 20 shopping and catering establishments you will find the most varied food offerings in the Netherlands.

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