Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands and the second largest city behind Amsterdam. The city has a population of about 630,000.Rotterdam has served as the major seaport of the country. Despite the fact that the city has been faced with a lot of setbacks, it remains one of the most important cities in the Netherlands. Without wasting time, quickly read through where you should go to when in Rotterdam. The Oude Haven, Schouwburgplein, Het Park, Maritime Museum, and Willemsbrug are important places you should visit in Rotterdam.


Oude Haven is the Old port which is part of the Maritime district. This Oude Haven is the backdrop of the impressive ships that dates back to the history of Rotterdam. This place is one of the important points in the history of Rotterdam and it is also a good place to meet, drink, eat and dance. The Oude haven now has bars and restaurants were you can always entertain yourself. The summer days are the perfect period to visit the Oude haven and sit in one of the restaurants and bars. The Noah located at Oude Haven won the award of the best cocktail bar in The Netherlands. The white house was the first skyscraper in Europe, it´s also right behind the Oude Haven which means you can easily move from one tourist point in Rotterdam to another with ease. You can wine and dine in Oude Haven; it’s just a perfect place to have fun.


Rotterdammers will be surely proud of their architectural works as it has carved a niche for them in the world of tourism. The Schouwburgplein is not an exception too. The Schouwburgplein has been acclaimed and denounced in equal measure by architecture critics from different people across the globe, this structure was constructed from various materials like the epoxy floor, wooden flooring, steel, and natural stone etc.


If you are planning on visiting a place where you will be loaded with information about the history of the Dutch Marines then a visit to the Mariniemuseum is not a waste of money or time. Larger percentage of Rotterdam population has always been linked with marines and for this reason this museum gives the highlights of the Marine Corps of Rotterdam. Visiting the museum will give you highlights of the 1940 resistance of Rotterdam during invasion by the Germans, the presence at Indonesia to regain the Dutch East Indies. Personal belongings, films, posters, paintings and a wilys jeep on the Second World War are all in the Maritime Museum.


One of the best and well known park in Rotterdam and is located between the water of the river maas and the Westzeedijk. The Het park is the perfect destination in Rotterdam for your picnic and recreational activity. This park also serves as homes to many and big events in Rotterdam. Thus park was realized in English landscape style by Zocher, a self-acclaimed garden architect in the 19th century. Some of the oldest trees in Rotterdam stands in this park and the wide spread park with aesthetically pleasing green grasses is surrounded by other interesting places like the chic navy neighborhood Scheepvaartkwartier and the tower Euromast. Are you in Rotterdam or you are just planning and you want to have fun, don’t sleep on the bicycle. Het Park will lighten up your mood.


Stanley Willemsbrug Bridge is one of the architectural works of Rotterdam. This bridge connects Noordereiland with the city center of Rotterdam and one of the reasons why the Willemsbrug Bridge needs to be seen is to have the 90 degrees turning experience that drivers have when they pass through the bridge. This 90 degrees dramatic turning was incorporated into the design of the bridge due to the local pressure to prevent traffic issues around Oranjeboomstraat and the historic Oude Haven. In 1983, the Willemsbrug got the award for the National steel prize. Currently, the bridge is the second Willemsbrug to be constructed; the first bridge Willemsbrug which was built in 1878 was instrumental in the World War II. The first Willemsbrug was lost during the German offensive bomb attack in 1940 but the remains from the bridge can be seen nearby Boompjes Quay.