Most of what you will visit in Rotterdam will either be linked up with the ports, the museum and the reconstructions that have taken place in the country as a result of the 1940 bombarding, despite this Rotterdam still remains one of the city in the world that has recovered better from losses. Why are you still thinking of what to visit in Rotterdam when you have the SS Rotterdam, the large church, the foot factory, and the library are all places that will spice your visit to Rotterdam.


In the Netherlands history, the biggest ocean-going steamer ever built is the steamship Rotterdam. The fifth SS Rotterdam which is also known as “the Grande Dame” is believed to be the finest artisans from the Netherlands. The SS Rotterdam used to be the flagship of the Holland-America line and for this reason, the cruise has sailed practically all the seas in the world since 1959.Katendrecht have moored the ship permanently to Maashaven. The history of the ship is what you will learn about whenever you come on board. Most of the interiors and the artworks that the ship has then is still restored to their closest glory. The restaurants, the cafes, the bars are open for you to enjoy yourself. You will also enjoy coffee brunch or high tea. SS Rotterdam is one of the most important tourist points in the city.


Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk literally means the Old or Pilgrims fathers’ church is a church built about 8 centuries ago in Rotterdam-Delfshaven the Netherlands. The Pilgrims church has a rich history that can be traced back to ‘Pilgrims fathers” when they were on their way back to America. This church is located in the center of Historic Delfshaven and is always open to everyone that wants to come in. This church has a light interior which is spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of people Are you in Rotterdam and you want to get baptized, quickly rush to the Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk.


This is the best recreational park in the Rotterdam; sitting on a 200-hectare large mass is a wooden park that surrounds the Kralingse park lake. Irrespective of the time of the year, this park is one of the most visited parks in Rotterdam. The Kralingse Bos and Kralinsege Plas park has been serving as the perfect place for all outdoor recreational activities like cycling, running, jogging, horse riding, sailing and rowing, Come on the sunny days to see parents coming with their kids to the park, the kids love the park and they see it as their primary playground. Both the forest and lake in the park are lit; just grab a barbeque while you have fun alone, with yourself and families.


If there is anywhere in Rotterdam where you can get artisanal food and products then the Fenix food factory is the right stop for you. Fenix food factory is a small food hub that is located in a Former warehouse, Fenixloods at the Katendrecht peninsula. Almost everything you will get in the Fenix food factory (vast former warehouse) is locally made products sold out to customers by different vendors. All you can get from the Fenix food factory include the Booij Kaasmakers cheese, Jordy’s bakery, Kaapse Brouwers brewery, the Firma Bijten butchers and Rechtstreex vegetables and fruits. You can always go with family and friends to the Fenix food factory to get affordable dishes that will leave your mouth watering.


Bibliotheek literally means the library; the Bibliotheek in Rotterdam is the central library in the city. Rotterdam central library is located in the Laurenskwartier district of the center of Rotterdam. 1983 was when the central library Rotterdam moved into a modern building along the Hoogstraat road. The central library is another architectural construction of Rotterdam constructed with steel tubing running from the roof down the glass footage. The central library was designed by Van den Broek and Bakema architectural practice since the central library was built; it has always been compared to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Bibliotheek has 12 rooms sitting on a 24,000 square meters area of land which makes it one of the largest libraries in The Netherlands. The rooms in the libraries have their own character and the spaces can be used for events, meeting, and congresses. When any of these rooms in the library is to be used as theater it can accommodate 6-179 people. The library also has a theatre which is the largest space with fixed seating and good acoustics. Just to let you know the library is not just hyped, the library records an annual visitor of over 2.4 Million.