Rotterdam is full of controversial buildings, malls and even sculptures, the Santa Claus is one of them and this has been drawing people to Rotterdam to see for themselves the white house, the Rotterdam stadium used by Feyenoord, the destroyers city and the walk of fame Europe are all reasons why Rotterdam is worth visiting. Aside all the major places to see in Rotterdam, everywhere is awesome due to the architectural work of the Dutch.


Witte huis which literally means White house is another important point to visit in Rotterdam. In 1898 a Willem Molenbroek architectural work was built in the Art Nouveau style, this building is a ten-story building which as at then is a building with an unprecedented height in Europe. In simple terms, the white house used to be the tallest building in The Netherlands and it is the first skyscraper in Europe which is about 43 meters tall. The house is also an aesthetically pleasing building that has beautiful façade of white glazed brick that is adorned with statues and art Nouveau mosaics. The white house can also be called the survivor because this building was part of the few buildings that survived the 14 may 1940 German Bombardment. The white is a UNESCO world heritage site and also a National monument. A transformation has also taken place since 2013 as you can now enjoy the astonishing view of the Rotterdam picturesque Oude Haven, don’t miss out grabbing a cup of coffee too at the Grand café Het Witte which is situated on the ground floor.


The term De Verwoeste Stad literally means the destroyed city and here in Rotterdam lays a sculpture that was given the name. After the World war when places in Rotterdam were bombed and the city hall was able to survive the bombing, Ossip Zadkine now made a statue that he aimed at using to capture the event. This statue is not only unique because it captured the event; it is also unique in terms of the aesthetics. It is one of the statues that tell a story about Rotterdam. De Verwoeste Stad is located close to the Leuvehaven which is not far from the Erasmusbrug (Rotterdam city center).


The walk of fame in Rotterdam is a walk of fame that serves as an acknowledgment of accomplishment and achievement of successful personalities. It is the European star boulevard that is an example of the popular walk for fame in the United States if America Hollywood. At the walk of fame is where you can find the hands and footprints of celebrities ranging from local, national and international stars. The number of lasting testaments from sportsmen, musicians, bands, and actors cannot be erased and having the experience will always linger in your memory. The walk of fame Europe is close to the Zuidplein mall and the fun you will have at the walk of fame will serve as an eye-opener.


This is a conspicuous and controversial Santa Claus sculpture located in Rotterdam and it is known colloquially to be the Buttplug Gnome which stands as a bronze symbol of western consumerism. This Santa Claus stirred up as one of the biggest art scandals in the past decades, this Santa Claus is not holding a miniature of the Christmas tree but it is believed that the Santa Claus is holding a sex toy, 180,000 euros was spent on this sculpture and it is none of the works of the world famous McCarthy which in the US is believed to be one of the leading work in the art industry. This statue became popular when controversies came up from the people of Rotterdam; they objected the statue because they felt it was illicit. After the statue was made, it stood for three years before it was moved to different locations within the museum park before it finally found a permanent home on the Eendrachtsplein on 28 November 2008.


The stadium de Kuip is officially the stadium Feyenoord and is the stadium in Rotterdam that was completed in 1937. The stadium got its name from the Feyenoord district in Rotterdam and this stadium is serving as the home ground for the international club Feyenoord. This stadium is not just a club stadium; It is an international stadium that can seat over 50,000 spectators. This stadium has hosted lots of international competitions and one of them is the UEFA euro 2000 tournament. The stadium came up as an entirely new stadium which has two free hanging tiers without any obstacle blocking the view. The Stadion De Kuip has acted as a sample for great stadia in the world and the Camp Nou stadium used by the Catalan giants Barcelona is a sign.