Rotterdam is full of activities and architectural works. The architectures in Rotterdam are countless and also unique. A visit to Rotterdam without doing any of the places stated below, such person needs to get another ticket and get back to Rotterdam to restart the tourist visit.


On the Kop Van Zuid of the Holland American lines lies the New York hotel in Rotterdam, this hotel is located in the former office building of the Netherlands. From the New York hotel Rotterdam, thousands of emigrants left for the North American continent with the hope of getting a better life. The Hotel New York is more than just a hotel, immediately you enter the building you will have that feeling that the New York hotel is where everything happens. People come to this hotel to meet, eat, celebrate, drink, sleep and marry. Nobody needs to tell you that the New York hotel is more than a hotel because it has been a National Heritage site since year 2000. One of the biggest Album in the Dutch history titled “Hotel New York” by Anouk was written in the hotel.


Generally referred to as the Center for Contemporary Art is an international art institute located in Rotterdam. Witte de with is the vibrant heart of the art scene of Rotterdam and sometimes people refer to the place as the “Axis of Art”. This axis of art runs from the Museumpark to the Maritime Museum. Anyone interested in the world of contemporary art across the globe needs to be at this place. In the Netherlands, the Witte de with is one of the most important institutes for contemporary art. In the field of contemporary art, the Witte de with is referred to as the pioneer in the field. This center is a form of progressive platform for new and established artists and curator. New exhibitions on art also come up in this center for about 3 times in a year. Aside from the exhibition that comes up at the Center for Contemporary Art, Witte de With also organizes screenings, reading, and other events. It’s not just about the arts, life in this place is also fun as the fashion boutiques and cultural institution are open all day, the cafes and restaurant are also places where you can enjoy the evening.


The museum Rotterdam is a museum in Rotterdam dedicated to Rotterdam and the people of Rotterdam. This museum is serving as a representation of how Rotterdam was, how Rotterdam is and how Rotterdam will be. 2016 was the year when Museum Rotterdam home became the Timmerhuis, a spectacular and transparent cloud of glass behind the city wall. This transparent cloud of glass was designed by Rem Koolhaas. There are three special exhibitions that tell the story of the city as well as the words of the city own people. The first exhibition at the Museum “Rotterdammers en hun stad” which literally means “The people of Rotterdam and their city” will emphasize more on the people being the iconic skyline of Rotterdam. In this exhibition, the people living in Rotterdam and their passion are put on a pedestal. These people explain whats going on in Rotterdam and its environment using the map, prepare your own Rotterdam story while visiting as you are also opportune to share your own version of Rotterdam story. The second exhibition is the Geschiedenis van de stad meaning the History of the city is the section where the history of Rotterdam will be explained and the last exhibition emphasizes more on the New city. The museum Rotterdam is one of the things you need to do in Rotterdam to make your trip complete.


Are you planning on making your visit to Rotterdam a memorable one? if yes then you need to make the visit spectacular by enjoying the 50Kph water taxi. This water taxi gives you the best option to get around the modern scenery of Rotterdam and to appreciate the architectural works of the city. The major route that this water taxi passes through is from Hotel New York to SS Rotterdam and will take you about fifteen minutes to get to the end of the trip. The water taxi will take you across the water that divides Rotterdam. This ride is a shortcut ride which will save you time alongside the awesome tourism experience.


To cut the long story short, it’s important you know that the shopping center Zuidplein is the largest shopping mall in The Netherlands and is located in the central part of Rotterdam city. If you want to have nice shopping, the shopping center is a point that you should visit, this mall is an indoor shopping mall that has about 155 stores which varies from top brands to smaller shops and to wrap it up the restaurants are places where one can enjoy oneself. This shopping mall records an average of 10Million visitors yearly who come into have a complete and fun day out. Don’t be bothered about where to park when you visit the mall as it has a car park that can accommodate 1400 vehicles.