One of the places on earth that men believe is close to the Paradise is Rotterdam which houses the main shopping center in Europe, the museum park, the fabric company, the industrial monuments are so are all you with enjoy at Rotterdam.


Officially called Beurstraverse is the main shopping center of Rotterdam; the official name of the sipping center literally means the “shopping gutter”. The shopping gutter is the main shopping center in Rotterdam for the past 20years. One great feature of the Koopgoot is the architectural masterpiece that has won many awards, aside from the architecture, it has been a spot for the Koopgoot to relax. The surprise fountain is a perfect place to have fun; Koopgoot also houses the largest H&M store in the European continent. The most remarkable gift shop is also located in the shopping center, walk down to stairs and remain in a state of ecstasy. Activities and events also take place at Koopgoot, a good example is a Cooking gutter that takes place in May, street theatre, shows, music, and comedy take place at Koopgoot. This point is seen as a magical wonderland.


Kunsthal is in the museum park which is located the Museumkwartier district. Leave architecture for Rotterdam, the Kunsthal is another masterpiece architectural design and one of the cultural treasures of Rotterdam. This building was designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), different designs were used in the design and there is always something surprising at every corner of the building. This building was opened 1992 and since then the building has been a point of exhibitions and wild shows. There is always an exhibition to see at Kunsthal; innovative design, art, engaging photography. The Kunsthal caf is a perfect point to enjoy snacks and drink in the building.


This is the most prominent industrial monument in Rotterdam and the whole of The Netherlands. Van Nelle Fabriek used to be the Van Nelle factory and it was named one of the UNESCO site in the world in June 2014. Van Nelle Fabriek was built between 1927 and 1930 and designed by Brinkman and Van der Vlugt and the building is an example of the Nieuwe Bouwen school of Dutch modern architecture. The major reason for the building was to provide all the facilities for the employees close at hand, the building was kept above the ground to create light, space, and air. The Van Nelle factory is still known for producing tobacco after it was renovated and renowned in the year 2000. The building is also serving as the home of different media and design firms. The building is seen as a multipurpose building because it has rooms that can be booked for meetings, also the conference room can host about 5,000n people.


This is one of the places you need to visit in Rotterdam; Pannenkoekenboot literally means Pancake boat and is one of the boats in Rotterdam where you can feast on all Pancakes you can while enjoying the skyline and port in Rotterdam. The Pancakes is usually served in buffet and is usually stocked with fresh pancakes and a choice of topping. Pannenkoekenboot is a family and Pancake cruise where you will be offered delighted chicken, shawarma, hot vegetables and so. The Pannenkoekenboot is not only for a cruise as it can also be used for a large group event like tours or reception. This boat can host 30-150 passengers. Pannenkoekenboot is really worth visiting.


This is another aesthetically pleasing location in Rotterdam and it is located close to the Maas River and is in the former grain silo. It is one of the most unique and spectacular club venues for activities in the whole of the Netherlands. Maassilo has been converted into an event center with six rooms. This rooms can be hired separately or together and the largest of the sic rooms can be used for concerts, conferences, large parties and lastly can be transformed into impressive restaurants. This building has a presentation room that is 40 meters above the ground level; this room can also host 900 people. All the necessary facilities needed (lighting equipment, sound system, cloakrooms, bars, changing rooms and power supply) that make it accommodating.