Honestly, it’s an undisputed fact that Rotterdam is the home where the unrealistic becomes realistic. Rotterdam is a city full of great minds and great points of attraction. No matter how rigid you are or you don’t like tourism then you need to see the Mini world in Rotterdam, the Euromast, the Rotterdam Zoo, the church and the museum. Tour all around Rotterdam and taste the feeling of tourism.


The Euromast observation tower is a tower designed by a renowned Rotterdam architect H. A Maaskant. This tower was constructed back then in 1960 to mark the Second Floriade gardening extravaganza that took place in Rotterdam. When the tower was built, it used to be one of the highest points in the city and it is about 100 meters high, 10 years after the tower was constructed, it was raised by about 85 meters making the tower 185 meters. After raising the tower, the tower became the highest watchtower in the Netherlands. Don’t be bothered about how you will get to the top of the tower because the lift will take you 100 meters up in less than 30 seconds, and the Euroscope revolving lift will take you up to the peak which is 185 meters. At the 100 meters height, the observation desk and brasserie restaurant can be visited and at the peak, you can have a 360 degrees view of Rotterdam and it surrounding environment.


The home of collections built on the legacy if a Jurist named Frans Jacob Otto Boijimas who left his personal collection for public use to the Rotterdam city. He left his collection in 1849 and in 1958 being a benefactor Daniel George van Beuningen name was added to the name of the museum. The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is one of the oldest museums in the Netherland but the current museum was opened to the public in 1935; the historic building was designed specifically for the collection by Adrian van de Steur which is also one of the leading architects in the Netherlands. Collections in the museum include sculptures, objects paintings, and important drawings. Dutch and Spanish works are the major artworks that can be found in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Works from renowned artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Van Bisch etc. will mesmerize you when you visit the museum. Exhibitions take place in the museum throughout the year so visiting the museum anytime won’t deprive you of any benefit.


The only similar attraction to the Miniworld Rotterdam is the small Europe Belgium but the Miniworld Rotterdam is the largest indoor miniature world in the Benelux. Everybody that ever visited the Miniworld Rotterdam will always leave comments about how they feel amazed by the mini resident, mini landscapes, mini trains and mini Rotterdam. Immediately you enter the mini-world you will feel like spending the whole day there and alas a whole day in Miniworld Rotterdam is just 24 Minutes. After the 24 minutes, the indoor attraction starts getting dark, in a night mode and light begin to twinkle. As another day approaches in the mini-world, the residents wake up again and the normal activities like the train rushing to destinations, Lorries moving to and fro and the work is done. If you visit Rotterdam without visiting the Miniworld Rotterdam your visit to Rotterdam is incomplete.


The location of the Rotterdam Zoo brought about the name of the Zoo. The zoo is situated in the Blijdorp district in Rotterdam Noord. The zoo will give you the feeling of the African savanna where you see giraffes face-to-face. Bokito is where you would visit to see the gorilla family; the astonishing sea bedded indoor oceanarium which houses stingrays and sharks are also situated in the zoo. This zoo is just unique as it is also the home of the largest butterfly paradise in the European continent. Thousands of South American butterflies, piranhas, Amazonica will be found in the Zoo.


St Lawrence Church in Rotterdam which originally arose on the banks of the River Rotte is believed to be the birthplace of Rotterdam. The location of the Laurenskerk can truly be called the birthplace of the great Rotterdam. This church was also affected by the 1940 bombing and the damage the church faced then was also part of what the people of Rotterdam endured. At present, this church is a striking profile of the city and it also adds to the modernity of Rotterdam. This church still serves as a place of worship, exhibition, lectures, and also reception.