Amsterdam is The Netherlands and The Netherlands is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city that is always on point when it comes to entertainment and fun. Places that will spice your mood and make you happier, things you will see that will make you mesmerized and so on are all that Amsterdam will Offer. A visit to the following places in Amsterdam will always linger in your memory because they have been on peoples list of what to visit in Amsterdam.


Artis is a royal Zoo in Amsterdam, this zoo was founded 1838 and it still looks enchanting as it used to be two centuries back. The Museum is not only located in Amsterdam zoological garden or on the Oasis of peace, this Museum is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Artis is the home for about 200 different varieties of trees and over 700 different Animal species, but many of this wildlife is on the verge of extinction. If what to visit in Amsterdam has been your problem, this zoo should be the first on your list as the Artis zoo is one of the few zoos in Europe to have so many listed buildings within the ground of the zoo. The Large Museum, the Unique Library building, and the Aquarium are some of them.


From the first to the fourth floor of the NEMO science museum Amsterdam is a stimulating scene. Thinking for what to visit in Amsterdam that will engage you and your kids then the NEMO science museum is in place to help. While the children are having fun playing with giant soap bubbles and experiment in the Chemistry lab, Parents or grown-ups are also having fun at the NEMO. When you have presented the gadget and experiment, it is always too hard to hold back. The NEMO science museum is the house to experiments and exhibitions. Irrespective of your different educational background, a visit to NEMO Science museum will add to your knowledge and you will have fun while learning. The rooftop square where you can find the free exhibition and restaurant will also spice up your visit to the NEMO science museum.


The Amsterdam Dungeon is a horror theatre show that brings to life centuries of the Dutch dark history. A walk through the Dungeon will expose you to the performances going on which is usually accompanied by smells, light effects, and sounds. The Dungeon is just for horror as most of the shows happen in complete darkness and you hardly see the actors and for this reason, the Dungeon has become the main attraction because of the Unknown thrill. Other historical scenes at the Dungeon are the Plaque, the Rembrandt workshop, the medieval torture. Why this tourist attraction is highly recommended is because of the Bilingual acting (Dutch and English) and the horror shows. Stay strong and visit the Amsterdam Dungeon to have a thrilling moment at Amsterdam.


From the name, you ought to know what will be found in a place like this. China town is an area that consists of numbers of cities block crammed with Asian Market, Restaurants and Shops. You may feel it is inappropriate to call the area Chinatown because they are other Asian cultures and people there like the Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesia but the truth is that the Chinese are highly respected and they have the larger population and highly represented group in the city. The Zeedijk Buddhist temple (Known as Fo Guang Shan He Hua) is one of the most important tourist sites in Chinatown, and this temple is found the midst of shops and bars. The building will is highly impressive and the walls are brightly colored with a roof that shows clearly that the temple is for the Chinese. If you doubt why you should visit the temple, then its good you know the temple is the Largest Chinese style Buddhist temple in Europe and this building had been standing for 18 years. Another point in the Chinese town is De Waag, this used to be the gatehouse but it has been converted into the Royal College of Surgeons that serves as a pleasant restaurant and café.


The State Museum of Amsterdam This is one of the most innovative and interesting museums where modern Art is displayed across the globe. After it took about 8 years to renovate and reconstruct the museum, it reopened 2012. When this museum reopened, it brought about controversies for its artistic choice and it now happens to be one of the most interesting places to visit in Amsterdam. This museum was established as far back as 1895 and as at that time, it was called the municipal museum that has many disciplines of interest like Arts, objects, documentary, and history of Amsterdam. At present, in terms of modern art collections, the museum has one of the richest collections of modern arts. When visiting the museum, ensure your expectations are high so you won’t be marveled.