In contrast to the general belief that Amsterdam is known for cycling, or the canals and the Red light district, the Ambience of The Netherlands can also be experienced with a visit to places like the Rembrandt house, the flower market, Vondel Park, the western church and the royal palace. The following text will explain what to do in Amsterdam.


The Bloemenmarkt means the flower market in Amsterdam and it happens to be the only floating flower market in the world. The flower market is also one of the most fragrant places of interest in the heart of Amsterdam. This unique flower market has been in existence since 1862 and the flower stalls standing on the houseboats give the memory of how the market used to be in the old days when it is usually supplied by boat. Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam is one of the most colorful places in the city and in the country. All sorts of geraniums, tulips, narcissus and another type of unique flowers can be found in this market. You also have multiple choices to make when you want to buy flowers at the Bloemenmarkt, you can either purchase the singles flowers, bouquets, or bulb. The bulbs are always packaged and ready for export so you can go home with them. Green Christmas trees are also sold during the yuletide seasons; finally, the Bloemenmarkt is just the perfect place for you to get the typical Dutch souvenir when going home.


This is another Dutch term which means the Western church and it happens to be the biggest church in Amsterdam. The church is not just a big church; it is a church that was built for about 12 years within the period of 1619-1631.  Westerkerk is the most important Protestant church in Amsterdam. Westerkerk is not only referred to as the biggest church in Amsterdam, it is also seen as the pride of Amsterdam and the city symbol. Probably because Amsterdam is a flat city, their love for towers in the city cannot be comprehended. The Westerkerk tower is about 275ft/85 m high and it is very admirable. This tower was built 1638 and it is far high above most of the old city centers, a climb to the top of the tower will give you an aesthetically pleasing and unique view of the city. A camera will help you capture an aerial view of the city which will always bring the memories when you go through them.


Nobody needs to tell you how important this palace is to the city and The Netherlands as a whole. The Royal Palace called Koninklijke Paleis Amsterdam is one of the three palaces placed as the Kings disposal by the state Act of parliament. The palace is used for special events like hosting foreign head of states whenever they come into the country. The Royal Palace is located on Dam square in the center of Amsterdam located opposite the War Memorial and next to the Nieuwe Kerk. Before the palace was changed to be the Kings disposal, the palace was originally built to serve as the Hall for the magistrates of Amsterdam. When the palace was first built in the 17th century, it was the largest secular building in the country and across Europe.


This is the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam which is close to the Chinese quarters in Amsterdam. The Rembrandt house museum is situated right behind the Red Light District. Walking down from the Dam square east, facing the Waterlooplein is the house. The Rembrandt House Museum is the house owned by the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt. He also lived in the house between the period of 1639 and 1660. Today an annex has been built close to the old Rembrandt house, and both the annex and the old house has served as the Museum showcasing the life and work of the great artist called Rembrandt. Both the newly built modern annex and the original house where Rembrandt lived are now serving Amsterdam as a small but mighty center. It is also one of the prestigious and stylish congress centers in the city. This museum will show you all you need to know about the lifestyle and artistic craft of the painter. Visiting the Rembrandthuis should be part of what to do in Amsterdam.


Let history and fact come first so you know the importance of this Park and why it needs to be on your list for what to do in Amsterdam. The Vondelpark is the most famous park in the whole of The Netherland and also the largest city park (sitting on a landmass of 47 Hectares) in Amsterdam. This park is one of the leading tourist centers in Amsterdam that welcomes about 10 million visitors yearly from across the globe. The Vondelpark is part of the Amsterdam-Zuid borough and is centrally placed south if Leidseplein. The Park is also close to the Museumplein where the 3 major museums in Amsterdam; Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museum are located. Amsterdammers and tourists love this park and every day at the park is always a hit. People are always around lazing about in the grass, dog-walking, jogging, listening to music and roller skating. The Park bandstand also gives room for free concerts; other attractions that must not be missed include the statue of Vondel called the great Poet, the historical pavilion, the cast iron music dome and the Grook Mekhuis with a playground for the Kids.