Amsterdam is the tourist center of The Netherlands; it is also the city that has special features that will always leave you in awe. Despite the fact that Amsterdam used to be a water-filled area, canals were built to reclaim lands and since then these canals have been a source of attraction and income to the city. Amsterdam is not only for the canals but the big market; the world famous red light district and the resistance museum are other places in Amsterdam that need to be visited. If you are thinking of things to do in Amsterdam, this article is perfect for you.


Popularly called the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a city blessed with over one hundred kilometers of canals and more than 1500 bridges. The canal cruise is a tradition for anyone coming into Amsterdam and one of the things to do in Amsterdam. It also gives the privilege to acquaint you with the city from the deck of a canal cruise boat. A day in Amsterdam without the canal cruise is an incomplete day, this is because the history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water, Amsterdam has a strong bond with water and the 165 canals in Amsterdam created centuries back has helped transport in the city and it has also helped to reclaim lands for the city. The Canal ring of Amsterdam is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and a canal cruise will just give you the privilege to explore the great city. Most canal cruise takes just an hour and you have a different option like the romantic candlelit tours, hop-on-hop-off option and so. The canal cruises can also be the day canal cruise, candlelight canal cruise, dinner canal cruise and so. It all depends on when you want to explore Amsterdam.


If there is any place where you will discover laid back atmosphere of Amsterdam and the typical sense of humor, then there is no place that will serve that purpose other than the Albert Cupymarkt. As a matter of fact, the Albert Cupymarkt is the largest and most popular outdoor market in Amsterdam and the whole of Netherlands with a staggering amount of 300 different stands that operates from Monday to Saturday. The Albert Cupymarkt began trading in 1904 and you can always get anything you want ranging from cheese, fish, spices, vegetables, clothes, beddings and cosmetics. Anything you get in the Market will be far cheaper than the normal price, (the prices are the cheapest in the city) and the crowds in the market will make you mesmerized. Saturdays or any sunny day will be the perfect time for you to visit the market. Behind the street of the market are places where you can get pets, furniture, computers and more.


Almost everyone coming into the Netherlands will have heard about the Red Light district, it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in Amsterdam. To be candid, all you may have heard about the Red light district is true. The Red light district is a part of the urban area where sex-oriented business takes place in Amsterdam. The red light district is not only in Amsterdam, almost all big cities in the world have their red light district but the Amsterdam red light district is leading. The term originates from the red light used as signs of Brothels. The red light district in Amsterdam is the city home of prostitution. Strip clubs, sex shops, and adult theater can be found in this area. The Brothels, the sex shops, and museum are all that has contributed to the rise in popularity if this area. Lastly, it’s important you know that the Red light district is a friendly environment.


The Dutch resistance museum is the literal meaning of the Dutch Word “Verzetsmuseum” and this place happens to be the best historical museum of the Netherlands. The museum will tell you the history of the Dutch people during the Second World War. The permanent exhibits in the museum will recreate the atmosphere of how Amsterdam streets looked like during the World War II. This museum is a contribution of all the different Dutch people that fought against the Nazi occupation in 1980 and they all worked together on the historical exhibition about their struggle called 1993-19now which now brought about the Resistance museum in Amsterdam. The old posters, objects, big photographs and sounds from that horrible period will recreate these scenes. You can also see the mass destruction that took place during that period, other exceptional historical events and the resistance if the population against the Nazi extermination and heroism will be displayed.


Located on the south of Leidseplein is the plush 19th century Museumplein, meaning museum quarters. Museumplein is the Amsterdam home of the three major museums, the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk Museum of modern arts, Museumplein is also the pinnacle of sophistication and the paradise to art lovers. Every culture and Art lover will see the Museumplein as the most important place to visit. The Majestic Concertgebouw is also located in this quarter. The Museumplein is also the cultural hub if Amsterdam and it offers a Kaleidoscope and activities and attractions. Strolling down the street gives the privilege to take a look at some of the world most chic couture houses. If you have a low budget, it’s not advisable you go with your credit card because the leather shoes and designer handbags will catch your attention and you will definitely buy. The skateboard park and wading pool are also in place to cater for children in the museum square.