It’s an undisputed fact that Amsterdam is the heart of The Netherlands and the city has most of the best places you will like to visit.A visit to Amsterdam without visiting the places mentioned in this article will make your Amsterdam experience incomplete. These places are not just tourist attractions but places where you can get delicious stuff in Amsterdam.Amsterdam is a city full of unique places like the Ice bar and cheese museum which you will hardly find in another place. Read through the places to visit in Amsterdam.


The Dutch cheese is known to have traditions that have been in existence as far back as 600 years and the name of different sort of cheese are usually from the different places in the Capital city of The Netherlands. Very good examples are the Gouda, Leerdammer, Maaslander, Edam, Leyden etc. The cheese museum is located down the street of the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and as people refer to it as the cheese museum, some see it as a shop that has shelves loaded with a different variety of cheese. The varieties of cheese in the cheese museum also include the world-famous Gouda and Edam varieties. Once you enter the cheese museum, you can taste different varieties of the Traditional Dutch Gouda cheese, taking the stars down will lead you to the room where you can find different images, videos, and information on the history of cheese production in the country. Lastly, you can visit the “photo corner” where you can dress as a Dutch farmer and take pictures.


The theater Tuschinski is one of the strange but beautiful art deco in central Amsterdam. This mesmerizing building was built by a real estate magnate (also an immigrant) from Poland and this huge art deco is conveniently located between the Munt tower and the Rembrandtplein. It was opened about 100 years back in the year 1921, and this building still remains one of the most respected and cherished buildings in Amsterdam. Aside from the fact that the building is being cherished, the building has also been thoroughly modernized and it happens to be one of the release cinemas in Amsterdam. At present this theatre has 3 screening rooms in the old part, three in the new wing. The main auditorium can also seat 740 audiences which include the private box and love seat. Special events like weddings and concerts also take place in this building. The theatre Tuschinski is the home of movie lovers in Amsterdam.


These museums are two important museums that you get for the price of just one museum. Then museums are located close to each other at Oudezijds Achterburgwal and have been serving as a home for hemp and cannabis exhibition in Amsterdam. This museum is one of the museums in Amsterdam that has hosted more than two million visitors since it opened in 1985. From the name of the museum, you can depict that the museum is dedicated to cannabis and its multiple uses. The hemp plant happens to be one of the oldest crop men came in contact with and has since then been used as a material for making a textile which looks similar to linen. The second exhibit in the museum is called the Hemp gallery and it exposes you to the civilized use of cannabis, its tradition and history, arts and also the use of hemp. At the back of the exhibit is the small art gallery where people show of photographers and painters takes place.


Leidseplein is one of the busiest squares in Central Amsterdam which lies in the Centrum borough which is located northeast of the Sigelgracht. Leidseplein literally means Leiden square and it is almost facing the popular Vondelpark which sits at the end of Leidsestraat which was the main road to Leiden. This square is the busiest centers to enjoy the nightlife in the city, the theater around the square and the American hotel also adds to the architectural landmark of the square. Aside from the fact that Leidseplein is known for its nightlife, it also serves as a major transport hub in Amsterdam, with trams lines intersecting there. There are lots of interesting sights and entertaining service at Leidseplein. One of the major entertainments in the square is the street performers that you will find in almost every corner of the square. From the freestyle jazz to the acrobatic break dance, there is always something you would love to see. During summer, Leidseplein serves as a major drinking and relaxing spot.


Amsterdam Ice bar is one of the coolest places in Amsterdam and a visit to Amsterdam without getting to this cool bar will make your visit to Amsterdam incomplete. Located at Amstel 194-196 is the amazing Amsterdam Ice bar which is kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and everything in the bar is made of Ice. You may be wondered if everything is made of Ice, even the glasses are made of ice. The walls of this bar, the seat and cocktail glasses are all made of Ice, about 60 tons of ice was used craft the interior of the ice bar, and the beautiful ice sculptures that will give you a once in lifetime experience. You will be opportune to spend about 30 minutes in the Ice bar, but you would have received special thermal clothing including gloves before you can go to the Ice bar.