Wandering Maastricht

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Maastricht, one of the oldest city of the Netherlands

If you want to travel 3 different countries within a short time, visiting Maastricht is a great choice as it is the place where Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium meet. Even thought Maastricht is such a small and quiet city, it has its own unique. You will find attractive spots like Vrijhof square where most of the events take place, bookstore as well as luxury hotel in the former  Churches, the Markt where is the location of the city hall and the statue of Minckelers with external burning flame, the river Maas which can be crossed by several bridges such as the old bridge, high bridge and new bridge. If you are a person who likes quiet places to read books and integrate to nature, there are three places should be on your list. They are Tapjin, city park and Pietersberg mountain. Tapjin, which is the former military base, has a small petting zoo with cute animals and birds. The city park with its own cannons is my favorite place to read my books. The Pietersberg mountain is where the Saint Peter’s Fortress located. It is a nice place to go for hiking or walking and observe the lovely Maastricht from above

About me

I am Vietnamese and therefore I am not a local here in Maastricht.  I first came to Maastricht to pursue my 1 year Master degree and fell in love with this small and peaceful city. Therefore, I am happy to show people around Maastricht and tell them everything that I know about this lovely city. Besides, if you are interested in Maastricht University, feel free to ask me.🙂  If you want a tour in Vietnamese, just let me know.


Remember the guides work under donations. Only we ask €1 booking costs per person. Feel free to tip the guide after the tour!



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