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You may reach ChidoTours customer service by e-mail and Whatsapp.

Questions by Guides

What about ChidoTours?

ChidoTours offers you a platform where you can show your guide services around the world, we connect you with the travellers who are looking a good experience coming from local people, with “local” we mean people that lives already long time ago in the place.
At the end of the offered tour, your travellers are going to show the gratification with their payment to you.
Please check out our website to find out more information or contact us.

What points should I consider to make my tour?

This totally depends on your experience in the place where you are living, and the category Tour you would like offering.
First, decide the places which you want to show.
Second, decide the day and time available for your Tour.
Finally, get ready with your speech, remember people loves curious things, include them in your speech.

I have made my profile, why can´t I see it on “all guides”?

As soon as your profile is approved by our ChidoTours team, in a max of 24 hours you will be Online. If the 24 hours have passed and you are not Online yet, don’t hesitate to contact us.

My group of tourists was not there, and now?

If your group or a part of these were not there, you as a Guide must make the Tour and be in contact with ChidoTours to report about Tourists status. (Show or Not Show)