The Middle Ages Groningen 1200-1500

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De oudste schriftelijke vermelding die bekend is, villa Cruoninga, dateert uit 1040, maar het staat vast dat de huidige stad Groningen al ver daarvoor een bewoonde plaats was.

Gronings: Grunn of Stad, Fries: Grins; is de hoofdstad van de Nederlandse provincie Groningen en de grootste kern in de gelijknamige gemeente. De plaats wordt in grote delen van Noord-Nederland ook kortweg aangeduid met Stad.

The walking tour named “Guesthouse tour”

The guesthouse is also called in other cities “hofje”, in the Middle Ages a guesthouse was a house where people who were ill, poor or pilgrims could find a place to sleep or to live for a time.

The oldest guesthouse in Groningen, “Pelstergasthuis” 1267 probably was built for pilgrims.

After 1600  a guesthouse got more and more the function of houses for aged people.

I would like to show you the most famous “hofjes” with there beautiful gardens.

-Pelstergasthuis 1267

-Pepergasthuis 1405

-Jacob en Anna Gasthuis 1494

-St.Anthony Gasthuis 1517

About me

Nick Landman 62 years old. I was a teacher of history for 12 years on a school for students of 12-17 years old.
This year I stopped and I would like to tell and share the story to everybody who likes to learn something about the history of my city Groningen.

I have offered this walking tour to my friends, they learned so many things about the beautiful city Groningen, they said to me after the tour.

The Middle Ages  1000-1500 is my favorite subject, the time of building many cities in the Netherlands, my students made short movies about the Guesthouses in Groningen and they liked it very much.


  • Price €1 per person
  • Country / Location Netherlands / Groningen
  • Hotspots Martinitoren, Pelstergasthuis, Jacob en Anna Gasthuis, St.Anthony Gasthuis and Pepergasthuis.
  • Languages English, Dutch
  • Duration 2 hours


Remember the guides work under donations. Only we ask €1 booking costs per person. Feel free to tip the guide after the tour!


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    Nick, glad to have you aboard. :) Enjoy your free tours in Groningen.


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