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Traveling to Belarus is usually associated with visiting its capital, and perhaps the most important city  – Minsk. However, there are other, equally or even more beautiful cities in this lovely country located in Eastern Europe. One of them is most certainly Brest – a metropolis on the southwest of Belarus that comes as a true refreshment when compared to other more significant cities in the country. Brest is, among everything else, a peaceful and prosperous town that greatly reminds of the great European cities worth seeing. Brest has everything the visitors need, excellent accommodation capacities, exquisite restaurants filled with the tastiest traditional dishes, and of course, infallible tourist attractions, monuments, and places historically marked places. For that reason, we present you rather a short list of the most interesting attractions in Brest, and these are undoubtedly worth visiting.

Fortress Of Brest City – Unavoidable Place That Tells The Best Stories

One of the first places to visit while in Brest is the so-called Hero-Fortress or formally Fortress of Brest City. Available as Free Tour – Fortress of Brest City (Belarus) by Alex Kutsaev.

It is built in the middle of the 19th century at the confluence of the Bug and Mukhavets rivers. In modern times, it is mostly famous for being the crucial place in the World War II, when the Soviet armies fought bravely against Germans and held them behind the walls of the fortress far longer than expected. Today, tourists are able to visit the memorial complex “Brest Fortress” where you can see not only the old ruins of the fortress but also many of the battlefields and monumental sculptures.

The City Cinema – The First Look May Deceive You

You don’t have to go to Belarus to see some specific movie, but you should definitively check out its building. Namely, the present city cinema “Belarus” is placed in the former main synagogue. You can still notice its interesting octagonal shape which resembles the original architecture. Almost all Jews were killed by the Nazis in the World War II, so the synagogue lost its main purpose.

The local authorities decided to make some use of this amazing object and they turned it into a very popular cinema. It is quite impressive, hence you should definitively see it for yourself.

Monuments – Stories Carved In Stone

Brest has a few quite interesting monuments dedicated to different people or events. Some of them have become true city landmarks, plus they are great for shooting a few awesome selfies. For example, seeing a Lenin Statue in Eastern Europe is not a very big deal, but the one in Brest is unique. Namely, Lenin is pointing in a direction of a beautiful Catholic Church which is something you would not expect from this legendary revolutionary. Also, if you would like to take a nice photo in front of the atomic mushroom but live long to speak about it then Brest is the city for you. There is an amazing monument dedicated to the Atomic missile troops with a nuclear mushroom motif.

Brest Railway Equipment Museum – Excellent Place For All Train Lovers

Right before you get to the Fortress of Brest City, you can visit the popular Brest Railway Equipment Museum. It is open since 2002, but so far now, many travel enthusiasts decided to pay their visit to the museum, look around and see the beautiful exhibits. The museum actually exhibits superb collections of locomotives as well as carriages that date back even to 1903. Train lovers will enjoy this time-traveling adventure but other tourists will also find dozens of interesting stories in this memorable place. Available as Free Tour – Brest Railway Equipment Museum by Alex Kutsaev.

Promenades – A Walk You Will Never Regret

If you come to Brest during the summer or fall, be sure to take a pleasant walk around the city. There are many cool places you can simply enjoy while taking an easy walk. But the places you definitively must not miss are the Naberezhnaya and the Gogolya street. The Naberezhnaya is a beautiful riverfront covered with willow trees that will provide you with a nice shade. There are many benches where you can sit and take a break while watching the ducks swimming in the river. The Gogolya street also has an incredible alley of chestnut trees which has a magic look, especially during the fall. You can also take a walk in the city’s park but try avoiding it during the night since there are many mosquitos.

Sovetskaya street – A historical passage in reality

If you like to go shopping on an original way, this is definitely your street, a pedestrian street full of boutiques, restaurants and street performances.
This street, like most of its architecture, still retains that “old touch”, wait until sunset and you will see how the street lights are manually illuminated by an older person regardless of the weather is hot or cold, sunny or rainy.
Definitely, It is the most popular street in Brest among tourists