Fortress of Brest City (Belarus)

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The Brest Fortress is situated at the confluence of the Mukhavets River and the Bug River, where the Slaves in ancient times founded a settlement, which was called Berestye, first mentioned in the Russian Primary Chronicle in 1019.

Following the war, in 1965 the title Hero-Fortress was given to the Fortress to commemorate the defense of the frontier stronghold during the first week of the German-Soviet War, specifically the invasion on June 22, 1941 (Operation Barbarossa). The title Hero-Fortress corresponds to the title Hero City, that was awarded to an eventual total of twelve Soviet cities. Brest Fortress is situated at a height of 135 meters.

On September 25, 1971, the memorial complex «Brest Fortress» was opened.

There are the ruins of the old fortress, the battlefields, the monumental sculptures presented in a unified architectural and artistic ensemble of the memorial, that perpetuated the «true story of the legendary heroes of the Brest fortress»

  • Price €1 per person
  • Country / Location Belarus / Brest
  • Hotspots Brest Fortress
  • Languages English
  • Duration 2 hours


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