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The beginning – A bit of history of Amsterdam!

Since the arrival of the Germans to the Netherlands in 1942, Jews were no longer safe, Anna’s father accepted the hiding place for him and his family in the factory where he was working, thus began more than two years of hiding out and lively anecdotes. The entrance to the hiding place was behind a bookcase that was specially designed for this purpose. The office staff helped the hidden people with food and brought ‘outside news’. On August 4, 1944, the shelter was betrayed and the 8 hide people were deported to different concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survived the war.

The Anne Frank House is situated in the center of Amsterdam at Prinsengracht. It takes around 20 minutes to walk from Central Station to the museum.
This street is very photogenic, the houses around are beautiful, enjoy its architecture.

Anne Frank’s diary and House

The rooms in the Anne Frank House, although there is no furniture left, still visitors can sense the atmosphere from this period. Quotes from the diary, pictures on the wall, movies, and original items from the hidden people illustrate the events that have taken place here. The first diary from Anne Frank and other original written pages can be seen here. You would see how fast Anne Frank learned Dutch, pages with conjugations and small sentences are visible. Anne Frank liked to draw Mandalas, made them as a hobby, nowadays we know more about this subject.

Not suitable for physically disabled people.
The front and behind rooms are both badly accessible for the disabled. The Dutch structure of the stairs, as Anne Frank wrote in her diary, and the layout of the property is the cause.

Ticket sales and access to Anne Frank’s museum

To give more people the opportunity to visit the museum without having to queue, the Anne Frank House has an entrance system. From 9:00 to 15:30, the Anne Frank House is accessible to visitors with an online time slot ticket. These online tickets can be purchased from the website. From 15:30 until closing time, the museum is accessible to visitors who buy a ticket at the entrance of the museum, the queue starts around 9 am, if you see a line around the church “Westerkerk”, people are not trying to find a first place in the mass, if not to get a ticket to Anne Frank House.

Do NOT arrive in Amsterdam and try to reserve a ticket for the following day. They will be sold out, as there is only a selected amount available online. Online tickets can be purchased up to two months in advance for entry to the museum. Last entry to the museum is 30 minutes before closing time if it is busy, the staff begins to get going people from the line two hours before closing time. As you can see to be in the line does not guarantee your entry.
Buy your ticket online!
In the gift shop are on sale quite curious gifts, among them Anne Frank comics, attract much attention and are available in several languages.
Take advantage of waiting in the line.
Eat lunch under church “Westerkerk”, you must to make a Picnic there, remember during a rainy day carry your umbrella and raincoat. Waiting there is really an experience, street musicians come to play music and get some coins, kind of hippies are selling around there, make some friends from different countries, people from all around the world is there. Maybe you would like to finish your favorite book, bring it to the line, The Diary of Anne Frank is a good idea to read before to come inside the house.
They even have Wi-Fi where you can connect and book a free walking tour in Amsterdam.